From Chairman’s Desk
Home is a word that is undefined anyway, it believes that home is a place where God exist. The money can build only towers but home is made of sentiments and feelings, no matter your home is made of mud or marble, small or huge, simple or palatial even, rented or owned. A home could be a town, a state or a country for the people living across the seas or far away from their place where they have left a long sequence of memories. It has a strong incarceration with moments of home what you have passed with loving ones… or like the lap of mother where you heard the melodic lullabies at childhood. We believe it is a safest place that made you protected from all the exogenic forces of life. We all know a Home is the ultimate destination for all the living creatures. Alike the birds…sunset calls them to roosts where they believe to protected from stark sunrays, brisky winds or stormy rains.

So, we can say to have a home is the bigger dream of everyone. The Timecity have chalked out a home plan for you where plots are available at affordable cost adjacent to your nearest city. It would suit to your choice. Our sites would be fully green covered that is blend of a city and rural life. The basic amenities would be of metro life and environment would be alike purely rural.

The people they are close to nature would be fit everyway. We are going to build Timecity in the same way in which you will be enjoying the proximity of nature. Its heavenly settings would tempt you to have a home there. A largest area of the Timecity would be green covered and rest would be grand residential area. The dense vegetations of residential colonies would divert your attention where a blissful and secluded place makes your life breathe sound. The fresh air arise from the banks of water would make you full of life and pleasure. You would like to have a good time there, that is far away from the outburst of hectic city life. We have considered the proper balance between human and nature. So enjoy and have a good life with your lovings and fulfill the dream of having your own home.

With best wishes,

Your's Truly
Timecity Group, Lucknow