Timecity Gorakhdham

Gorakhpur, a famous city of eastern UP known as the land of great personalities and luminaries, their name has adorned the glory of Indian history from past to recent times. The value and culture of the district has established the name and fame of the country nationally and internationally. The holy land of Baba Goraksh Nath also have a strategic, geographical and spiritual importance due to presence of North-Eastern Railway headquarter, Air base, the confluence of Rapti and Rohini rivers and neighborhood of Nepal.

The developing pilgrimage, tourism and Bhojpuri Film industry has paved the ways for multileveled apartments and Hi-tech townships in Gorakhpur. We are looking ahead a Hi-tech township in Gorakhpur. Now we are on the first phase of our plan. At this level we are developing project site of several acres.

‘Timecity Gorakhdham’ is the name of our Gorakhpur project. As we all know, these townships are integrated with all the facilities of a splendid and healthy living style. Besides the amenities we are keen to secure your tomorrow with affordability too.